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Enssib Research Seminar “Time and Data” – 11 July

Agnieszka Tona, PhD in Communication and Information Sciences – Professor at the French National School of Library and Information Science (Enssib) associated with the Université de Lyon. Member of ELICO.

The main purpose of the research seminar series « Les données à mille temps » is to explore and analyse the relation between time and data.

Indeed, it is commonplace to say that data – whether it is a question of Open, Big, Research or Personal Data, etc., – has become in recent years a very hot topic. As a proof of that, let us think about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a quite recent European law which went into effect in the European Union in May 2018. It aims at enhancing and modernising the existing data protection rules and rights of individuals and at facilitating the free flow of personal data in the European Union.

Data – like other informational or cultural objects – are deeply rooted in time. Every piece of data occurs through time, and it is often only meaningful within the context of time. The term “data” has been variously defined, but many of its definitions focus on the temporal nature of data.  Let us take as an example this definition of data, given by the International Organization for Standardisation, which is as follows: Data: a calendar representation of a point in time.

The main purpose of this seminar series is to explore and clarify this relation between time and data. It aims at assessing the current practical and theoretical state of understanding of this topic by bringing together Library and Information Science professionals and academic and researchers from different fields (ranging from Library and Information Science, History, Sociology, Epistemology to – why not – Computer Sciences).

The first research session is scheduled on July 11, 2019.

Its title is “Data: carte blanche” and it is packed with 4 insightful presentations by:

  • Jerôme Denis, professor of sociology of innovation, at the École des Mines de Paris
  • Marie Deprès-Lonnet, professor of Information and Communication sciences at University of Lyon 2
  • Céline Gyuon, president of the Association of French Archivists.
  • Valérie Schafer, professor of history at University of Luxembourg

You are all very welcome to attend.

For any information related to this seminar please contact its scientific coordinator: Agnieszka Tona,