Symposium on Nathalie Heinich’s Sociology of Values

Cultural Sociology, 14 (3)
“Symposium on Nathalie Heinich’s
Sociology of Values”
Béatrice Fleury & Jacques Walter (eds)
The present issue includes all six articles that composed the symposium about Heinich’s book Des Valeurs. Une approche sociologique, which appeared across the 31st to 33rd issues of Questions de Communication. The first paper, by Heinich, is an excerpt from her book organised in the form of 10 extracts. The following article by Béatrice Fleury and Jacques Walter (Crem, University of Lorraine) provides an overview of the editorial exchanges and places them in context. Then come the responses by Laurence Kaufmann and Philippe Gonzalez (University of Lausanne), Louis Quéré (EHESS, CNRS), and Danilo Martuccelli (Millennium Nucleus Centre Authority and Power Asymmetries – Université de Paris – Universidad Diego Portales, Chile). The final paper is Heinich’s rejoinder to the critical commentaries.

Les articles originaux en français sont disponibles en accès libre dans la rubrique « Échanges » des livraisons 31 à 33 de la revue Questions de communication :

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